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Our Vision (ROAR)


This is what we are all about...

Respect, wOnder, Ambition, Radiance


At Whitehall Nursery and Infant School our aim is for every child, whatever their background or their circumstances, to have the support that they need to be happy and healthy in body and mind and so be able to make a positive contribution to school and our community. The subjects we teach and the way we deliver them offer an exciting and stimulating curriculum that gives all children the opportunity to meet their academic and creative potential, enabling them to achieve economic well-being – which means; a good, well paid job!

Our school is set up to keep all children safe and secure whilst giving them the opportunities to develop resilience through failure and risk taking. Children need to learn how to cope with failure in order to develop their problem solving skills and strengthen their character. Our school gives them the physical and emotional environment to do this with the right level of support.

Our School is founded on the values of Respect, wOnder, Ambition and Radiance. By showing RESPECT to the teachers and for their role in inspiring, motivating, encouraging and educating, the children are able to learn. Showing respect for each other’s views, opinions, ideas and strengths means that children are also able to learn from each other. Respect for the diversity of the school community, of their friends and of their teachers means that the children are able to learn and begin to appreciate the WONDER of the world and it’s people. This widening knowledge and developing understanding of what is out there enables children to have AMBITION as they see the excitement and variety of opportunities for their future. These positive values and experiences create a well-being in the children that RADIATES out through their positive and engaging attitude to life as a learning opportunity.

Our pupils are drawn from the local community and have a wide range of social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, as well as differing abilities and educational needs. We celebrate and value this diversity as reflecting the exciting mix of people in the West Midlands, and build on it to provide a broad education in its truest sense. This nurtures a sense of discovery about the world and the people in it.

We are all committed to developing active, responsible citizens who are fully prepared to play a positive role in our ever changing global society. We teach children to develop their character and to learn self-motivation, positivity and self-regulation. Children are expected to do their best for their own self worth and not for rewards, to prepare them for the real world of work. We want to help children to move away from the expectation that the world owes them something! As a whole school, all staff approach tasks with enthusiasm and energy, modelling a ‘can do’ and ‘should do’ attitude to everyday challenges.

We are proud that our children leave Whitehall as open minded individuals with strong morals, who understand the value of other people’s skills, and insights that have come from the diverse backgrounds within our community. This is done by the value that teaching staff give to all children’s ideas and the opportunities in lessons to share and collaborate. Outside of lessons, we ensure as a whole school that we create strong family and community partnerships by working closely with governors, parents, religious leaders, community officers and relevant outside agencies.

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