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Vision and Values

No Mobile Phone School

Whitehall Nursery and Infant School seeks to establish a safe and secure working environment for its employees, pupils and visitors. 

We have created a safe environment where mobile phones are not used.  This is to help us do the following:

  • Demonstrate the school’s commitment to promoting the safety of pupils and staff.
  • To educate pupils, staff, parents and visitors about the safeguarding dangers of using mobile phones in schools.
  • To protect individuals from the dangers of unauthorised mobile phone use to obtain video or photographic images in school.
  • To minimise the potential risk to children and allegations against staff.

Parents know not to use mobile phones on the school premises and to place them in class baskets when coming in for 'stay and learn' or 'stay and play' sessions. Also, not to use them during assemblies or performances.

For visitors, when you sign in we ask you to leave your mobile phone in the designated cupboard in the school office.  Should you have an emergency or work related issue, you can return to the office to access your phone, in that safe place.

  • The Head Teacher and the Senior Ledership Team(SLT); who are the primary contacts for the Local Authority in an emergency. 
  • The Head Teacher, or in his absence a member of SLT, is able to authorise the use of mobile phones in school by visitors who need their phones in order to successfully carry out their work e.g. visiting dance and drama specialist, SEND support etc.  However, this will not be common practise and all visitors will be encouraged to leave their phones in the office.
  • Members of Social Services, visiting in response to ongoing referrals, may use their Mobile Phones in the Inclusion office but if the child is present they must have a member of the SLT or school inclusion team present.
Failure to comply with this provisions will be dealt with through Safeguarding Procedures or Disciplinary Procedures as appropriate.
Please read the Mobile Phone Policy for further and more detailed information.

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