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At Whitehall we want our pupils to be masters of technology and not just consumers of it. Technology is and will continue to be a fundamental aspect of our pupils’ lives, so we must ensure that as a school we are equipping them with the skills to understand, engage with and produce technology - positively, safely and respectfully. Our broad curriculum aims to do this by encompassing computer science, digital literacy and information technology. We want our pupils to be confident in using technology, and to understand how to stay safe whilst using it (particularly on social media). As a school we recognise the benefits and risks of using technology, and we aim to impart that understanding onto our pupils, allowing them to explore and ‘tinker’ with technology in a safe environment. We will give our pupils access to a range of different resources, such as iPad’s and Chromebooks, which will allow our pupils, who otherwise might not be able access this equipment, the chance to.   By giving our students a good understanding of technology, we can allow them to demonstrate their learning from other subjects in creative and ambitious ways and support their growing independence from EYFS to Year 2. Embedding the use of technology into our curriculum will also allow for many accessibility opportunities for our SEND and EAL pupils. We want our pupils and staff to be competent and confident users of technology, and to recognise the opportunities technology gives us to apply our learning creatively. By the end of KS1, we want our pupils to be fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding and that children have the independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil the task and challenge set by teachers.


The best way to learn about technology is to use it regularly, so computing will be embedded throughout the curriculum. From playing with robots in EYFS to researching planets in Year 2, computing will be used as a tool to make the teaching of other subjects more engaging and accessible. Throughout our Cornerstones projects in all year groups there are lessons which request the use of technology to enhance the learning.  This will ensure coverage of the digital literacy and information technology areas of the computing curriculum. Computer science will be taught in discrete lessons where it is not possible to integrate it into the existing curriculum. This will also allow children tinkering time to explore the resources and become more confident in using them.

E-Safety will be taught both discretely (through assemblies) and within the curriculum (whenever technology is used in any lesson), and information will be shared with parents to support them in keeping their children safe online. Teachers will also model how to use technology in a positive way, through the use of laptops, iPads and visualizers in the classroom. Children will also be given the opportunity to continue their learning at home through technology, as every child has access to Bug Club, Google Classroom and Busy Things; websites which support learning in all areas of the curriculum.


Through our whole school approach to computing we will enable our children to be producers and not just consumers of technology. We want our children to think critically about technology and be able to reflect and discuss the impact it has on their learning. They will be competent and confident users of a range of technological resources, and be able to select the best tool to support them.

Our children will also be able to step away from technology, and understand the impact that too much technology can have on our lifestyle and well-being. This will also allow them to detach from any issues caused by the use of technology.

Our implementation will give children the foundation they need to continue their computing education, beyond Whitehall, and give them the tools to use technology to support their learning. This will enable our children to be ambitious and to challenge themselves to be the best they can be, regardless of their background.

The way pupils showcase, share, celebrate and publish their work will best show the impact of our curriculum. We also look for evidence through reviewing pupil’s knowledge and skills digitally through tools like Google Drive and Busy Things and observing learning regularly, through lesson observations and learning walks by the Senior Management Team.

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