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NEWSFLASH - Head lice are on the crawl - read what you need to do.

Dear Parents/Guardians

We have had a number of cases of head lice with our children in school. It is really important to check your child’s hair and to treat if necessary to prevent it spreading to other children.

You are able to buy treatments from a pharmacy but the ‘Wet Comb Method’ is still the most effective way to rid your child’s hair of head lice.

  • Apply lots of conditioner all over the scalp from root to tip and de-tangle the hair with a comb.
  • Splitting the hair into sections comb through with a fine or ‘nit comb’ holding it flat against the scalp and combing it through to the ends.
  • Wipe the comb with a tissue, looking for lice or eggs.
  • Repeat the combing for each section of the hair 3 or 4 times.
  • Make sure that the wet comb method is used at least twice a week to ensure all eggs have been combed out.
  • Remember the eggs take 7 days to hatch. So you may have combed the lice out but need to make sure you repeat the process so you can get any eggs that they have laid.

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