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World Book Day 07.03.24

World Book Day is being celebrated at Whitehall on Thursday March the 4th.

   World Book Day 24

Thursday the 7th March


We would like all children to dress up as their favourite book character

and bring in £1 for the World Book Day charity.


We would also love you to be part of this exciting day.  Please show your child how much you value books by supporting as many of the activities as you can.  There are three events going on that you are invited to:

  • Homemade Book Character Costume Competition

If your child’s costume has been made or put together at home, then they will be entered into the Costume Character Parade.

It is only the children who have created their costume (not bought from a shop) who will be entered into the competition and have the chance to win a £10 or £20 book token.

  • Bookshare

Come and work with your child on some book activities, in their class, and have some fun learning with them.

  • Book Sale

Amazing, new and old books at ridiculously cheap prices for you to buy!  If you have any books to donate which are in good condition please bring to the school office by Tuesday 5th March and give to Mrs Ware.


Reception Children

Year 1 and Year 2 Children

9:00 – 9:45

Competition in Hall

(drop your child off as normal and then come in through the Kitchen door)

Book Share in Classes

(wait in Playground and come in through main entrance at 9)

9:45 – 10.30

Book Share in Reception

Watch competition in Hall

10.30 - 11

Book Sale for parents in Hall

Book Sale for parents in Hall









Nursery parents – please check the letter that you’ve had from Mr Gardner to see what time you are meeting them at Waterstones in Walsall on Tuesday 5th March to buy a book with your book token.

All money raised will go to the World Book Day Charity, which provides free books to children across the country so that everyone has the opportunity to own a book.

Thanks for your support.  Mrs Dogan

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